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"You need an heart that's filled with music, if you use it you can fly" - The Roots  

Second to the Left is an Art Management company owned and operated by Marisa and based in Denmark. Marisa is Italian and has a Master of Art in Culture and Communication.

She has worked for over 20 years with music and culture, taking roles as booker for venues and festivals, booker for bands to venues and festivals, press agent, project leader, coordinator and fundraiser. Since 2011 Marisa is freelancing for the Festival sur le Niger in Mali, as visual communicator, project manager, networker / promoter and press agent.

Her experience is broad, and from both side of the music ‘medal’. Having worked both as a booker for a venue, and as a booker for bands, she knows the needs of both, and how to satisfy both actors, keeping in mind that the success must be reciprocal.

Second to the Left also offers services of project management for festivals and organsiers, as well as conception and production of promotion materials. The multimedia design production is done in partnership with our sister company Click’n’Roll, specialised in the production of promotion material for the entertainment industry.

Geographically, Second to the Left has no official boundaries. We operate as booking agent mostly in Scandinavia and the North of Europe, but the project management and promotion tasks are done worldwide.



  • 3 May - AVAIABLE
  • 4 May - Aalborg - TBA
  • 5 May - Føllenslev - TBA
  • 6 May - Malmø - TBA
  • 7 May - AVAIABLE
  • 8 May - TBA


  • 28 March - Antwerp (Belgium) - TBA


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Playing whith paint, Painting with sound!

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