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Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni (Napoli, ITALY)

Folk, Blues & Dolce Vita

Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni

."What binds the whole together is an assuredness, a meeting of minds and a sense of joy. You need guts to hop around genres, but a bit of glee helps too. Consequently, each track seems to open naturally onto the next one... not only surprising, but scintillating and stylish" Chris Moss - Songlines, (UK)

A male guitar and a female ukulele. Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni propose a show made of folk, blues and dolce vita. An amazing duo singing in English, French, Spanish and surely, their own native language, Italian. Their performance is a fascinating travel, across Mexico and Texas, mixing easily blues, folk, Argentinian Tango and Neapolitan songs. Its result is a continuous game and a role exchange in Francesco’s soft, warm and fascinating guitar sound that sometimes seems to be close to catch Ilaria's hypnotic voice, coming from another space and time. Their performance is an experience difficult to forget, for ever present in your heart and mind. You will be surprised by their originality.

"Twinkle Twinkle" is their third album, three years after the previous one, written and conceived while they were on tour as in the last two years they have been all around the world, from Budapest to Prague, from London to Montreal, from Geneva to Brussels, with more than 70 dates in France and a tour with the show "Angelically Anarchists" by and with Michele Riondino.

These new songs and arrangements are always essential and minimal, but with a range of sounds and scenarios more varied. They took inspiration directly from their travels, reflecting the correspondence between time and emotional universe driving their choices and talking about living emotions.The title refers to a simple but eternal melody and represents that particular spark, different for each one, a star that shines in the night and indicates a direction in any conditions of obfuscation, of confusion, of darkness. Even the image of this album reflects this movement, not a pose, but a suspension, something that recalls darkness and light, their emotional journey and state of mind, opening a crack from which you can look inside to discover little moments of intimacy...

  • Official Showcase at MUNDIAL MONTREAL 2017
  • Official Showcase at Folk Alliance 2019, Montréal
  • Official soundtrack of "Gatta Cenerentola"
  • Prizewinning @ Biennale di Venezia

Group Size: 2 artists

  • laria Graziano: vox acoustic guitar ukulele percussions stomp box
  • Francesco Forni: vox acoustic guitar stomp box

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