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Electronic / dub / Reggae / Fusion / Mediterranean - (italy)

Burkina Electric - Fusion, Afro, Worldtronica

"It moves on thin lines between the tropics and cosmopolitan dub; It works gently on harmonic spatial sensations and evocative atmospheres"
- Paolo Ferrari “Rumore”

Caracas is the result of a fruitful partnership between Valerio Corzani (Mau Mau, Mazapegul, Gli Ex, Interiors) and Stefano Saletti (Novalia, Piccola Banda Ikona, Café Loti, Sete Sois Sete Luas Orchestra).

The two composed, arranged, played and produced the homonymous album was released in June 2015 by Materiali Sonori. The musical red wire of the whole project is the underscoring – in arrangements and rhytmic joints – of “upbeat”.

A kind of beneficial resonant floater which permitted both the musicians to start an amazing instrumental trip (with even several “spoken word” inserts) in search of a new cosmopolitan way for instruments and musics.

The starting stage is the Mediterranean sea (with any of the symbol-instruments of that fertile basin - oud, bouzouki, marranzano, derbouka, tamorra – which characterize many tracks), after that, the music circumnavigates the Earth, with the prow on sound miscegenation and rhytmic alchemy.

Reggae music, therefore Jamaica, is another of Caracas’ destinations, they yet succeeded in the venture to avoid all “cliché” of the gendre born in the carribean island, using characters of that music for crossing new solutions, add the right amount of electronics, and trouble besides many others ethnic basins (from Tuareg desert to sufi’s Turkey, from Hawaii to South America, from some US soul-jazz to the dub hybrids of the british Onusound…).

A world-reggae project therefore, with very peculiar contours and prophile, which becomes live a very fascinating show. All original tracks, a group of four (or five) which enlarges even more the timbral range of the proposal, and a live attitude able to making dance whoever…

Group Size: 4-5 artists

  • Stefano Saletti: bouzouki, charango, electric guitar, vocals, melodica, electronics
  • Valerio Corzani: bass, vocals, electronics
  • Erica Scherl: violin
  • Eugenio Saletti: electronic guitar, vocals
  • Filippo Schinina': drums

  • Special guests:
  • Sergio Vitale: trompet
  • Nando Citarella: vocals, marranzano (Jew’s harp), tammorra (Napolitean Tambourine)



CARACAS - 2015, Material Sonori


"Caracas mix feelings, amalgamate alchemy and cross pieces of the planet using the pentagram as a small private plane ... Two gauchos that despite of fashions have designed a beautiful and cheerful opera, that taste of seaside and of rum”- Antonello Cresti “Rockerilla”
“A true masterpiece of mimicry ... an album that brilliantly combines enjoyment and rigor, soul and body” - Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal
""It moves on thin lines between the tropics and cosmopolitan dub; It works gently on harmonic spatial sensations and evocative atmospheres"- Paolo Ferrari “Rumore”
"Uno stile libero e caldo, privo di dogmatismi o intellettualismi; ascoltandolo, Marc Ribot o Ry Cooder sorriderebbero di sicuro compiaciuti” - - Federico Guglielmi “Blow Up”
"Caracas is a kind of divertissement-homage to the upbeat rhythm, declined and interpreted in sound and geographical scenarios, always different: torrid world-dub, Mediterranean-dub, desert-dub, reggae with bouzouki, oud and jew's harp, with some refreshing sprays of electronics ” - - Jacopo Tomatis “Il Giornale della Musica”
"A journey across the Mediterranean made by two fantastic contributors who push their boat to different routes further away ... two extremely creative and continuous evolving artists” - - Tonino Merolli "Raropiù - Mensile di Cultura musicale, Collezionismo e Cinema”
"Caracas is a crossroads of sounds across borders … a record that surprisse for its beauty and for the unexpected ” - Francesca Molari “Corriere di Romagna”
"This is a record that I would personally like to suggest to you, because it is a record made with so much tenderness, with plenty of respect for the raw materials, with many instruments, representing the intellectual curiosity of these two all-round musicians," - Raffaele Costantino Musical Box – Radio2 Rai
"Borders are something that Caracas does everything to skip with a jump with both feet together , with the help of a magic glue, the upbeat rhythm, the echo of dub. And if at times the compass points to the Caribbean, you can be sure that the next track will take you nearby Catania, or in Jamaica, or in the middle east. - Guido Festinese “DiscoClub”
"Traces of a slow and hypnotic step, cross North Africa and Southern Italy, dub and Turkey, creating a path and an embracing and elegant feeling, that the Anglo-Saxons would call "the mood" - Lugi Bertaccini “E20 Romagna”


CARACAS - Valerio Corzani & Stefano Saletti feat. MisTilla : Dub Sunset

Official video

Valerio Corzani & Stefano Saletti: CARACAS "El Presidente"

Official video

CARACAS "E la luna bussò"

Live in Auditorium Rome (20 Jan 2016)
Composers: Mario Lavezzi, Oscar Avogadro, Daniele Pace

CARACAS "Surfing"

Live in Auditorium Rome (20 Jan 2016)
Composers: Ernest Ranglin

CARACAS "Ghibli"

Live in Auditorium Rome (20 Jan 2016)
Composers: Valerio Corzani & Stefano Saletti

CARACAS "Take the Money and Run"

Live in Auditorium Rome (20 Jan 2016)
Composers: Valerio Corzani Stefano Saletti