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Electronic / Fusion - (London, UK)

Afriquoi at SouthBank, September 2015

Afriquoi are the 5-piece outfit that take the influence of UK house, funky, garage, dubstep and glitch and fuse it with traditional African melodies, harmonies and rhythms plus a dose of dancehall vocals.

The band came to life in 2011 after percussionist and promoter André Marmot arranged a session with Jally, Nico, Fiston and Kudaushe, and the team never looked back. Their infectious vibe and sound is totally unique.

Featuring a diverse array of hyper-talented musicians from Congo, Gambia, Bostswana and the UK, Afriquoi combine live instruments, electronics and vocal effects to create live African dance music.

As well as their spectacular 5-piece live show, Afriquoi are also available for DJ sets and semi-live DJ sets featuring live percussion and MCs.

Afriquoi is releasing a new single in March 2016 on Wormfood records, and a new EP in May. Remixes of Terakaft, Pierre Kwenders and Amadou Diagne are scheduled to be released next year.

Group Size: 5 artists

DJ Set: 1-3 artists (Optional: live percussions and Kora)

Wormfood Records - London (UK)






KOLABA - 2015, Wormfood

”The band’s energy onstage is infectious”
- Songlines Magazine


"“Yo this tune is not exactly up my street… it’s like, in my flat, in my kitchen and in my living room, just groovin n doin its thing bruv!!!!”- DJ Zhao, Ngoma Sound
“This shit is amazing” - DJ Umb, Generation Bass
"“Super tight mix of Afro and house”"Nikhil Shah, Mixcloud founder
"”The band’s energy onstage is infectious” - - Songlines Magazine
"Afriquoi knows how to keep the adrenalin flowing and they more than lived up to their reputation as crowd-pleasers" - Rooms Magazine


Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre as part of Africa Utopia

Full Concert

Glastonbury 2013

Afriquoi smashing up Glastonbury 2013 at Shangri-la (heaven) + The Lizard . Big thanks to Chris Tofu, Karen + all at Continental Drifts, and Dila, Jim, Mark and all the guys at the Lizard. The track is 'Shaking up the Garden' by Afriquoi. Video editing by Alice Russell.

'Mokako' live at Terminal Studios.

Featuring: Fiston Lusambo - guitar
Jallykebba Susso - Kora

Afriquoi - Kudaushe

Uplifting party anthem by new London based afro-electronic outfit AFRIQUOI. Featuring legendary Zimbabwean marimba player Kudaushe Matimba (formerly of the Bhundu boys, and currently leading his own band 'Harare'), it fuses the melodious Zimbabwean marimba with elements of 90s house, rave and Major Lazer style party workout!

West Country Tour 2012

Afriquoi - West Country Tour 2012 - Soundtrack: Fiston ft. Serocee

Afriquoi: Pane-Madzimai

This is the second video from new London-based live African dance music project AFRIQUOI.
Performing live at Richmix as part of the African Rootmaster showcase, Kudaushe Matimba's poignant song about the importance of togetherness merges with glitchy dubsteppy sounds from Nico Bentley on Ableton Live alongside Fiston Lusambo's Congolese guitar/ reggae skanks and André Marmot's dnb djembe styles...



    WOMAD, Fuerteventura

    Queen Elizabeth Hall, London South Bank Centre (album launch as part of Africa Utopia festival)

    3000Grad, Germany

    Landjuweel Festial, Ruigoord, Netherlands (headline)

    Dimensions Festival, Croatia

    KribisKrabisfestival, Italy

    Secret Garden Party, UK

    Beat Herder, UK

    Kelburn Garden Festival, Scotland

    Hifi Club, Leeds

    Lovebox Festival, London

    King’s Place (Songlines Encounters Festival)

    Eden Festival, Scotland

    Kazimier, Liverpool


    August 2014:Shambala Festival Boomtown Festival

    June 2014: Glastonbury Festival (Hell Stage, Shangrila)

    June 2014: Fusion Festival, Germany

    September 2013: Bestival, Isle of Wight

    July 2012: London Olympics