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(Goa - India)

Dawda Jobarteh

“Meditation music for punk rockers” - Global Revolutions, WORT 89.9FM

An innovative music project born in North Goa, India.

At its centre, members arising from a variety of unique musical backgrounds, join together to create new harmonies from a fusion of ancient rhythms and contemporary soundscapes. Incorporating a multi-layering of sound through woven themes of Siberian folk-roots, African dream melodies, Amazonian spirit calls, Oriental poly-rhythms, and academical minimalism.

The blue Infinity strives to manifest a truly eastern synthesis into their acoustic psychedelic ambient performances. For several years, the band has grown with core members collaborating from the world ethnic stage including artists from Russia, France, India, USA, UK, Turkey, Israel, and Ukraine. This particular ethno-shamanic sound is the result of a unique re-engineering of traditional instruments & melodies into open structural forms to create a platform for an experimental ceremony through sound. With a focus towards wisdom found in nature and the cosmos, band members and audience alike continue to develop new directions to engage the psychedelic experience.

"We play different sides of the musical horizon. Each show is unique. Each performance is a meditational journey with transcendent outcomes from resonant non-structuralism. Shifting melodies drift from theme to theme, creating moods like currents; sometimes magical, sometimes dark [or bewitching). We strive for healing and the crystallization of the spirit through an emotional unlock and the exceptionalism from release and uprising. This is contemporary mysticism.”

Group Size: 4 to 5 artists

  • Sudesh Gaikwad: Acoustic guitar
  • Vishesh Kalimero: Yayli tambur (Turkish long-necked lute), Persian setar
  • Vadim Batura: Persian Santour
  • Ilya Chistyakov: Electric guitar, sound board

  • Niko Bandhar: Jewsharp (khomuz, morsing, morchang), overtone flute, throat singing
Amarrass Records - New Dehli (India)

New Delhi

MaDisoN wiscoNsin

MakiNg Music sustaiNable






Unexpected, 2015 Amarrass Records

Avaiable on iTunes


THE bLUE INFINITY 'Unexpected' (Promo video)

"The 10th release on Amarrass Records, The blue Infinity 'Unexpected' is a "meditative sonic experience."


THE bLUE INFINITY in Oshoanik cafe, Arambol, Goa, India, planet Earth, 2015


'Forces' - THE bLUE INFINITY | from the album 'Unexpected', 2014 Amarrass Records.


The second video from the album 'Unexpected' by THE bLUE INFINITY, released on Amarrass Records.

Simplicity in Abundance

Simplicity in Abundance - THE bLUE INFINITY, from their album 'Unexpected' (2014, Amarrass Records)… ancient trance sounds, meditative, tranquil bliss.. available on iTunes, Amazon, amarrass.com. Video: Ankur Malhotra