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Travel in Italy

Ambrogio Sparagna - Italy

Every time I listen to music by Ambrose spill is like if I started traveling to the Roman roads, up and down the peninsula, and at every stop meeting kids, families, farmers who tell you a different and most genuine Italy most genuine. I always feel that it's time to start again. - Il Messaggero

Ambrogio Sparagna and the soloists of the Orchestra Popolare Italiana as a Trio, in a vocal-instrumental project that leads you through an original journey into the Italian music of serenades and ballads, lullabies and love tarantella, frenetic rhythms and jacks.

The repertoire includes eighteenth centuries arias, villanelles and romances, and also some lightweight songs, linked to popular tradition.

A special occasion to discover an important but still undervalued musical heritage and even a small village festival listening to the rhythms, melodies, regional languages and curious musical instruments that have shaped the cultural history of Italy.

Soloists who have a rich and important experience always careful to involve the public and to do so "walk" them through a lively and entertaining show.

Group Size: 2 artists
  • Ambrogio Sparagna: Voce / organetti
  • Arnaldo Vacca: Tamburelli
  • Erasmo Treglia: Violino, Ghironda


Ambrogio Sparagna Tour October 2016

  • 14th October - Copenhagen, Demark
  • 16th October - Copenhagen, Demark



"A Trio telling an entire Orchestra with songs and traditional instruments that allow the creation of a fascinating itinerary in the Italian popular music. What is most striking is how each artist on the scene is able to enclose a world of sounds and traditions. Valentina with its rhythms, Erasmus with its curious musical instruments and especially Ambrogio Sparagna with his compositions and his insights as a real Conductor." - Music Time Magazine


Ambrogio Sparagna - Orchestra Popolare Italiana in "Taranta d'Amore" live in Gaeta